2016. április 20. - 14:29

A paper named “The domino effect: an investigation into the process of knowledge spillover (KS)” written by prof. Bill O’Gorman and Sergio Botelho Junior was presented on 20th November 2015 at the International Conference on Regional Science: Innovation and Geographical Spillovers: New Approaches and Evidences (Reus, Spain). The conference focused on the interactions of different agents that are involved in the innovation process and whose interactions generate a whole series of spillovers.

2015. november 30. - 14:32

As part of its concertation activities, eDigiregion held a presentation and contributed to a panel discussion at the 3rd European Conference on Future Internet (ECFI), at the Regions Workshop. The workshop aimed to discuss approaches taken by a number of regions – France, Luxembourg, Germany, Hungary – to build on the Future Internet ecosystem and, in particular, the open source FI-WARE technology to boost the regional innovation ecosystem and facilitate its internationalisation.

2016. április 8. - 15:06

Four of the South East Ireland eDIGIREGION team, Mandy Lalrindiki, Sergio Botelho Junior, Niall Crosbie and Bill O’Gorman, attended and presented at the Regional Studies Association (RSA) 2016 Conference in Graz, Austria, 3rd to 6th April.

2015. november 23. - 14:42

In the light of the increased focus on cross-sectorial actions and the growing interest for smart specialisation development, we recommend the book: Cluster Development: The Go-To Handbook - Building Competitiveness through Smart Specialisation.
Who should read it?
Cluster managers, public agencies, private sector organisations, academics, who:
· Want a comprehensive guide to establishing a successful clustering initiative;

2016. február 25. - 14:09

The Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) is a composite index that summarises relevant indicators on Europe’s digital performance and tracks the evolution of EU member states in digital competitiveness. For more details on this, read here.

2015. november 16. - 14:46

IoT is taking on everything around us aiming to make our lives better and our efforts more efficient! Join for free ‪#‎ICT2015‬ in Lisbon and take part in the session on ‘Agriculture 4.0: The Internet of Things boosting regional innovation’ on October 22.

2015. december 3. - 14:52

The team in Central Hungary met to debate the regional joint-action plan for eDigiregion and the key parts to engage within the process. Counting the success of the workshops previously held and that of the first international conference organised in Budapest, the regional JAP in Central Hungary should be a serious outcome increasing the stakeholder engagement achieved so far.

2014. szeptember 25. - 9:03

Európa legjelentősebb és legrangosabb, az Unió által évente szervezett tehetség-kutató és -kiválasztó versenyét, az EU Fiatal Tudósok Versenyét az idén szeptember 19. és 24. között Varsóban rendezték meg, ahol az egyik magyar fiatal különdíjat kapott.

2015. december 3. - 14:28

Yesterday our partners from MMO continued the work in Central Hungary and gave a presentation to the General Assembly on eDIGIREGION project 's progress and results achieved so far.

2014. augusztus 27. - 12:04

Természetes, bioaktív anyagokkal dúsított tésztát fejlesztett összesen 146 millió forintos beruházással a budapesti Capriovus Kft., amely a kutatás-fejlesztési (K+F) projekthez több mint 94 millió forint támogatást nyert az Új Széchenyi Terv pályázatán.