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Big Data, Internet of Things and Blockchain Conference

Big data and Internet of Things Conference
7th March, 2017, Manchester, UK

“The Internet of Things is the next stage of the information revolution, connecting up everything from urban transport to medical devices.” – George Osborne MP, former Chancellor of the Exchequer.

There are six billion devices connected to the internet globally, this will grow to more than 20 billion by 2020. Yet despite the massive potential for the Internet of Things (IoT) to transform the way services are delivered, the public sector has fallen behind in the latest stage of the big data revolution. Underinvestment and risk aversion mean opportunities are being missed to improve Government services, change the way our cities are run and solve the public health crisis. But are public sector leaders right to approach the IoT with caution? The advantages of better connected services come with an increased risk to cyber security and the potential for breaches of data privacy.

Join us for the Big Data, Internet of Things and Blockchain Conference where leading tech experts will provide invaluable insights on the very latest developments in the IoT. Learn how to harness and exploit the information revolution and how to solve the challenges these new innovations will bring.

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2017. december 31.