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6th NoRSA Conference

Regions in Transition
The 6th NoRSA Conference
9-10th March, 2017, Karlstad, Sweden

Regions appear as more or less stable entities located at fluctuating spatioal levels or intersections of time and space in material, digital and immaterial terms. In general regions are identified, constructed and legitimized through for instance accessibility, administration, culture, heritage, economy, management, nature and natural resources, physical geography and politics. Regions are of special interest to research as space where top-down and bottom-up practices and processes meet, and different synergies and conflicts are played out. A regionalized approach for studying societal and scientific challenges is thus of improtance for the staging of competing systems of governance and a transition to sustainable development.

The converence invites papers that 1) look at forms of governingn in relation to politicisation, de-politicisation, people-driven processes and local knowledge, espceially in the context of regional governance; 2) explore how economic, social and environmental transition processes are, or may be, played out in different regions in the past and present.

The conference encourages transdisciplinary approaches.

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2017. december 31.